Digging up a gem

So, this weekend I am in St Lucia.  I am staying at the beautiful Morgan Bay resort, and catching up with James – newly appointed as manager out here. He is doing a fantastic job, and things are well and truly being looked after for the time being…so that means I get a bit of […]

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  1. Jo Ford
    Jo Ford says:

    You may criticise to your heart’s content – but you captured an image, what you were looking at at the time – and I LOVE it! Oh yes, it is all the more appealing maybe with the added foreground, but sometimes I look at the sky and i know that if I tried to capture it with paint, people would look at it and think ‘the sky isn’t really ever like that’ – how vexing would that be?? At least you have an image /images to look back on, that will reinvoke the feelings and memories that you had at the time (nice ones, of course!!)

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