Hunte’s Gardens

As you all know, I love shooting weddings.  It’s the best part of the job out here in Barbados. When I can get away from boring things like staff wages, VAT returns and fixing the never ending tirade of computer malfunctions and machine errors, there is nothing I like more than shooting a happy couple […]

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  1. Jo Ford
    Jo Ford says:

    This sounds like a fabulous adventure. Flora’s smiley face reminds me of Chloe and the shots of some of the vegetation make me feel giddy!
    Fab. Thanks for this 🙂

  2. susaneleanor
    susaneleanor says:

    Amazing blog Ferg! It looks a wonderful place. I had to smile at Sian’s hair – all ringlets – just like when she was a toddler! I can see why you would want to dognap Flora – she looks very cute. xxxxx

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