So this last week has been awesome.

The lovely folk at Green People got in touch with me as I was announcing my return to the UK, and my first job since coming back has been a biggie.  We are currently shooting for the new brochures and e-marketing material for Green People

All of it.

And it has been crazy good fun – how could it not be, when you are working with such a friendly (and unfairly beautiful) team?

GP_20130624-794 copy

Green People make organic cosmetic products, that really, truly work.   From sun cream to shower gel, make up and moisturisers, they have a product for everyone, and they really are very, very good.  I was lucky enough to get a goody bag at the beginning of the week and can safely say that every single lotion and potion has been snapped up and squeezed dry by the family; I’m not sure if the house has ever smelt so good.

All Green People products are organically certified, and so the brief for the shoots has been quite specific – neutral, muted colours  with beautiful soft light to complement the natural and gentle elements of the range.  As readers of this blog will know, I am a real fan of the vibrant colours and high contrast, so these images have been a great step out of my comfort zone, and I am really very pleased with them.

GP_20130624-91 copy

GP_20130624-226 copy

GP_20130624-358 copy

We are re-shooting everything, from the kids to the teen range,  the sun creams and the men’s, it really is a huge project.

GP_20130624-517 copy

GP_20130624-749 copy

GP_20130624-556 copy

GP_20130624-733 copy

GP_20130624-817 copy

And as if that isn’t enough, we are also filming a selection of videos to help customers get a better understanding of the products and the philosophy behind Green People.

The website is never going to have looked so good 😉

GP_20130624-873 copy

GP_20130624-1103 copy


As always, thanks for reading guys, and see you all next week 🙂


Ferg x

So, as promised, we have now officially moved back to the UK and I am frantically getting my self together as I embark on the long and exciting self employed road. I know it will be a challenge, but I cannot wait to get the ball rolling with the new business.

We got back last Thursday, and after picking up our luggage, the cat, and being bombarded at the airport by our wonderful banner-laden family we got home. And what a glorious day it was. Within a few hours I had already agreed to come along and take some pictures of my mum and dads’ concert band at a gig in Ruskin Park over the weekend, and what a day it turned out to be.

I have always maintained that a summer day in Britain is just the best. People are so relieved happy to see a bit of sunshine.  The usual ‘I’m a L0ndoner, don’t approach me or I will break your face’ look melts to a much happier, gentle and exuberant manner.  The sun comes out, and so do the smiles.  So imagine how happy I was when we arrived at Ruskin Park near Brixton, to find this, tremendous site.


I love London.  I love the fact you can be surrounded by trees, a blue sky and sunbathing Brits, all with Westminster and the postal tower in the background…and when the sun is shining like it was last week, it just makes it all the more magical.

And then the band started playing, and I felt the grin on my face just grow even bigger.

Turns out the Norwood Wind Ensemble are pretty good. 😉


As readers of this blog will already know, music has always played  a big part in my life.  My parents are brass-mad, and the one distraction that old Pops has enjoyed since time immemorial is busting out his Tuba.  Or his trombone,  or euphonium, or pocket trumpet, or French horn.  (Basically if it is shiny and has valves, the old boy will give it a blow, all with the biggest smile on his face)  Mum has also accepted this brass fanatacism having chose the French horn as her weapon of choice.


The band played a great programme, and about half way through had amassed quite a crowd.  All ages, all demographics took the time to pitch a seat and enjoy some awesome music in the awesome weather.




It truly was a wonderful welcome home.


Thanks for reading guys, and great to be back! 😉

As I promised last week, there are some very exciting changes happening with us lately.  It is just 3 weeks until we come home for good, and in between the madness of May, we have been beavering away in the background to get the website together for a new venture back home.

It is a pretty scary thought, going self employed…but a challenge that I am most looking forward to, and one that I of course hope will be as successful as it is rewarding.

As such, I am migrating my little blog over to the new site as well – I think it looks a BILLION times better, and all of the posts are already there and waiting to be seen by the big wide world.

But the sting in the tail is that I lose all of my subscribers 🙁  I currently have over 720 of you wonderful people, but as I feared, when I jump ship from, they don’t let me bring you guys along for the ride. So, if you would all be so kind…check out the new site, and subscribe to the new and improved, hyper-steroid fuelled  And I promise, I shall reward you with love and kisses and photos that will make you feel gooey inside over the coming months 😉  is where you want to go.  As always, any comments, thoughts, criticisms and ideas are always welcome.  It is a site very much in its infancy, and I will be adding LOADS of content over the coming months.   I will resume sensible blogging timetables soon as well.


So once again, a massive thanks to all of you for your readership and support…and here’s to a very bright first year going it alone…I sincerely hope you come and enjoy the ride with me 😉

Coming soon

Hi guys,

So sorry for the lack of posting lately…there is a lot going on right now!  Work is mental (as always!) and Sian and I finally have a date for coming back to the UK: officially the 6th of June.

I cannot tell you how excited we are…

So, with that in mind, please bare with me as I pack up our house, handover my job, and generally get on top of all the massive changes that are going to be happening over the next few weeks.  The blog is also due a re-vamp. I have taken the plunge and decided to go self-hosted, so expect some very BIG changes within the next few weeks.  I am hoping to create a youtube channel soon too – where I can pretty much show you how I am creating each and every photo you see on here…not sure if that is something any of you are interested in or care about…but comments below and let me know 🙂

In the mean time, thanks for your patience.  It is the beginning of hurricane season here now, and my little bro is here – so I HAVE to enjoy the sunshine with him and his lovely girlfriend Michelle this weekend while it is here.

Despite the terrible weather, it is apparently still good fishing – here is personal shot of the week, and touch base soon. x


Sam and Charlie’s big day was simply amazing.  The wet weather meant that we couldn’t have the ceremony outside 🙁 but all the same, it was a lovely day – surrounded by smiles and love.

Simply perfect.

Congratulations guys!

Keji and Paul got married in the beautiful Fustic House.  An old plantation, completely redesigned by Oliver Messel, it truly was a stunning location.  The weather, unfortunately, was not on our side, and as you will see from the ceremony photographs, the brollies had to come out for the exchange of the rings!

Despite that, we all had a wonderful day.


Congratulations guys!