As promised, here is the second part of my recent cruise adventures. If you missed the first blog – just head here 🙂

After Flam, we headed to a few more spots in Norway – it truly is a magnificent country. We travelled to Alesund and then Bergen, a day in Lerwick in the Shetland Isles, and then Torshavn in the Faroh isles. All of these places were beautiful, and we were oh-so-lucky with the weather. At literally every port that we visited, the guides were uttering ‘you are lucky – we have had nothing but sleet and hail for the last 987 years – this is our one day of sunshine in a millenia’ …or words to that effect.

Unfortunately for my blog I was mostly filming in these ports so no photos. I hope to be able to share the vids with you one day…time will tell.

The next time I got my camera out was in the amazing Vigur Island. Seriously – Google it. with a population of three – the farmer, his wife and their child, the tiny island is home to them, a post office, and a billion birds.

If not more.



These particular birds, I found out, are called Arctic Terns. They are beautiful. They are also incredibly territorial. As we scampered across the tiny island, awash with the noise of tweeting birds and cooing guests, we were suddenly set upon by a number of these guys. Terns out (please excuse the pun) we arrived during their nesting season, and so there were thousands of little chicks knocking about in the long grass, and the male parents were damned if we were going to get too close. Luckily, the guides issued us with sticks of wood with blue flags to shoo the birds off…otherwise I may no longer have both my eye balls…

Along with the Turns there were also a few Puffins and Ruth, one of the Destinations team from the ship, issued me a challenge to get a decent, in focus shot of the Puffins for her to put on her wall.

I was more than happy to oblige 😉


Puffins are quality. They are very, very shy and cannot fly for toffee. Basically, they dart in and out of little holes in the ground, check you do not have your camera handy/ready, and then fly off into the distance. And when I say fly, I mean puff out their huge chests and flap for dear life. They are far from graceful in the air.


But whilst they may be comedy when flying, I don’t think the fish are that amused…they are clearly awesome underwater. I patiently waited and shot a good 50 puffins flying through the air, mouths heavily laden with sea life they had just grabbed – I don’t know what I found more impressive: their hunting skills, or the amazing power of my D800 that managed to focus and shoot these fast moving birds so well.



After the Puffin escapades, we visited a few more spots throughout Iceland. I don’t have enough time to make a new blog about each one I am afraid, so here is a shot of the famous ‘Godofoss Falls’ near Reykjavik to wet your whistles – and I shall be back to portraits and weddings again from next time 😉


As always guys, thanks so much for reading, and see you all soon 🙂 xx