Our first gay wedding

Wow, June has been mental – I mean properly mental…which is awesome 🙂

Six Weddings, Four nursery shoots, a house move and a week in the studio – in between everything else that we normally do…it has been amazing!

And even more amazing, we (finally!) got booked to shoot our first gay wedding. I have been hankering to shoot a same-sex wedding for years now, and when Tony and Stephen got in touch, I was both flattered and relieved that they ended up booking me – especially as I had not had any experience in the past.

So what’s the big deal?

Well, first off, a lot of wedding poses and traditions are dictated by tradition, size and er…plumbing. So when you have a same sex couple, all of those norms go out the window. Initially I was (privately) terrified by the whole proposal; but talking through some ideas with Sian before hand and doing some reading and research, I actually found the day itself more liberating than anything else; there were far fewer rules and traditions that meant we could just focus on Stephen and Tony’s happiness together.

It was bliss.

And Tony and Stephen were simply a delight to work with. A couple truly in love with each other; happy in each other’s presence, happy in their lives, and happy to share their day with us.

How can you not walk away from work smiling when you have taken a series of pictures like these?

Thanks for the booking Tony and Stephen – it really was our pleasure. As well as gaining a wealth of experience from your special day, we also feel we have gained two friends 🙂

Ferg x