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Hello all.

Ok, so it has come apparent that all of the cool kids in town now write blogs, and being that I am such a super-funky trend setter, I thought it was high time I joined the movers and shakers in the blogging world.  My job robs me of a good 60 hours a week, and I am trying desperately to finish a novel that my best man Eddie kindly referred to as a masterpiece ‘coming to an airport book store near you,’  but I figured I could probably allow myself one more little distraction in life to keep me on my toes.

So, a bit about me.  My name is Ferg and I live with my beautiful wife in the nearly-but-not-quite as beautiful island of Barbados.  We have been here for the last 14 months and will no doubt be here for at least the same amount of time again.  Both Sian and I are photographers and we work for a company called Colorbox.

Oh – and I have the best job in the world.

Sorry to gloat, but I do.  Yes, I have serious frustrations at work every day (don’t we all?) and yes, everyone who visits or stays, or works with me has to put up with my ranting and occasional bad language, but joking and grumbling aside, I am one lucky chap.  I live on an all-inclusive resort managing a team of eight on the island here, and I am also in charge of what goes on in the Island of St Lucia, where Colorbox operate too.  I have a great manager called Althia over there, who looks after everything incredibly well, but I do intend to get out there a lot more often now that things are running a bit smoother here in Barbados – a huge amount of which need be credited to Sian, who is the Guest Services Manager,  Nicky our accountant, and the recently joined James Creasy, who is proving invaluable to the team.

So what do I hope to achieve with this blog? Well, firstly, I hope that some people read it.  Mostly, I think it is going to be a great way for me to channel my aforementioned rage at the end of each day, and I also hope to use it as a springboard to share some of my work, and the thought processes behind my photography.  But, ultimately, I hope that it gives some people a chuckle…even if it is just a titter a year I’ll be happy.

So, I look forward to sharing more posts with you all (Mum!) over the next few weeks – and maybe even years, but until then I’m off for a banks on the hotel.  Have a picture of a turtle on me.

Cheers 🙂