So this last week has been awesome.

The lovely folk at Green People got in touch with me as I was announcing my return to the UK, and my first job since coming back has been a biggie.  We are currently shooting for the new brochures and e-marketing material for Green People

All of it.

And it has been crazy good fun – how could it not be, when you are working with such a friendly (and unfairly beautiful) team?

GP_20130624-794 copy

Green People make organic cosmetic products, that really, truly work.   From sun cream to shower gel, make up and moisturisers, they have a product for everyone, and they really are very, very good.  I was lucky enough to get a goody bag at the beginning of the week and can safely say that every single lotion and potion has been snapped up and squeezed dry by the family; I’m not sure if the house has ever smelt so good.

All Green People products are organically certified, and so the brief for the shoots has been quite specific – neutral, muted colours  with beautiful soft light to complement the natural and gentle elements of the range.  As readers of this blog will know, I am a real fan of the vibrant colours and high contrast, so these images have been a great step out of my comfort zone, and I am really very pleased with them.

GP_20130624-91 copy

GP_20130624-226 copy

GP_20130624-358 copy

We are re-shooting everything, from the kids to the teen range,  the sun creams and the men’s, it really is a huge project.

GP_20130624-517 copy

GP_20130624-749 copy

GP_20130624-556 copy

GP_20130624-733 copy

GP_20130624-817 copy

And as if that isn’t enough, we are also filming a selection of videos to help customers get a better understanding of the products and the philosophy behind Green People.

The website is never going to have looked so good 😉

GP_20130624-873 copy

GP_20130624-1103 copy


As always, thanks for reading guys, and see you all next week 🙂


Ferg x

Coming soon

Hi guys,

So sorry for the lack of posting lately…there is a lot going on right now!  Work is mental (as always!) and Sian and I finally have a date for coming back to the UK: officially the 6th of June.

I cannot tell you how excited we are…

So, with that in mind, please bare with me as I pack up our house, handover my job, and generally get on top of all the massive changes that are going to be happening over the next few weeks.  The blog is also due a re-vamp. I have taken the plunge and decided to go self-hosted, so expect some very BIG changes within the next few weeks.  I am hoping to create a youtube channel soon too – where I can pretty much show you how I am creating each and every photo you see on here…not sure if that is something any of you are interested in or care about…but comments below and let me know 🙂

In the mean time, thanks for your patience.  It is the beginning of hurricane season here now, and my little bro is here – so I HAVE to enjoy the sunshine with him and his lovely girlfriend Michelle this weekend while it is here.

Despite the terrible weather, it is apparently still good fishing – here is personal shot of the week, and touch base soon. x


Sam and Charlie’s big day was simply amazing.  The wet weather meant that we couldn’t have the ceremony outside 🙁 but all the same, it was a lovely day – surrounded by smiles and love.

Simply perfect.

Congratulations guys!

In the beginnings of my photographic career, I started out on the cruise ships.  If you are interested and can be arsed, I have a whole blog about how we got to Barbados here – but if you can’t (and I don’t blame you) be rest assured that it was a rather long journey.

First things first – I loved the ships.

When you walk on to your first contract, you are ever so green.  You don’t know the rules; you can’t fathom how anyone can navigate the miles of narrow corridors and passageways in the belly of the crew areas, you don’t understand how a bar can survive selling cans of beer for 35p, and you certainly have no idea that you were the only person in the galaxy that doesn’t smoke.

When you step on board for your first contract, it is a very exciting time.

The work is hard and rewarding – but it is not really the job that makes the ships so great.  It’s not the amazing places you see, the cheap beer or the great weather.   It’s the people.  When you step on board your first contract, you board with no friends.  By the end of your first day, you have been blessed with 500.

And so when I got a phantom text from Rob some time last year asking if we were still in Barbados, Sian and I got very excited at the thought of catching up with him and his partner Corea when they were in port.  I worked with Corea (a very talented singer) during every contract that I did with Colorbox, and I worked one contract with Rob – a camp dancer – on the Celebration in 2009 (only joking – Rob is a fine singer too).

We did what most ship mates do; played computer games, drank lots, visited beaches and made tits of ourselves on our days off.

Good times.

Rob and Corea have been out in the Caribbean for a few months now, working on the Thomson Dream.  We had them over for a roast a few weeks back, and Rob asked if I would mind doing some new head shots for them next time they were in.  So we headed down to Codrington College – a few minutes drive from my house, and got some lovely shots.

Rob&Cor_142  Rob&Cor_088-2


Now, as many of you already know, I am no stranger to headshots and I always enjoy the challenge of getting that portrait.  Corea and Rob are, by the nature of their business, very beautiful people anyway.  This not only makes my job easier, but more fun.  The soft flattering light suits Corea wonderfully, whereas the hard, side-lit shots suit Rob’s larger, more angular frame.


As well as the usual full length/three quarters and tight crop, you also have to be aware that a lot of performers want their shots to be presented in black and white as well.  And, as fond fans will already know, that means you need to look for texture – another reason for heading to Codrington.  The building is made of beautiful coral stone – riddled with patterns and notches and holes, all of which help add that texture and interest to the monochrome.



Overall I am really pleased with the shots we got…let’s hope they are too!


Thanks for reading as always guys, and see you all next week 🙂


Hey all – sorry about the complete lack of posting lately – the days seem to get shorter and shorter at the moment, and the jobs are starting to come in thick and fast.  Not something to grumble about, but these next few months are looking mental and I fear the blog is going to suffer.

So, whinging aside – here is my current nemesis – the setting sun that signals the end of the day way before I have even got close to finishing my work.  It is beautiful, but I wish it would just stay up in that sky a little longer!


Thanks for reading guys, more stories to come soon 🙂