Tam & Phil – Wedding Photos

First things first, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and brought the new year in with style. We had a fabulous time – family, food, wine…it was awesome.

And what Christmas is complete without a fairy tale wedding in Henry VIII’s old gaff in Hever? Cue Tam and Phil’s big day. As I am sure you can imagine, it was awesome. A beautiful couple in a beautiful setting…not the best weather, but we soldiered on through the cold and, thankfully, the rain held off.

This is Phil with his groomsmen. Phil had been crazy busy in the run up to the wedding, and we had been in St Lucia shooting James’ wedding (Blog to come should I get the permission!) and so we had not been able to meet before the big day. I had managed to speak to him on the phone the night before, and after five minutes it was clear the day was going to be a lot of fun. Everyone was relaxed and happy, catching up and meeting in the Music Room..all we needed now was a bride.

This is Tamsyn, or as I call her: Tammy or Tam. I have known Tammy all my life. Seriously. My mum was super bffs (gotta love writing that in a grown up blog, right?) with Tam’s mum Carol, and was also friends with my now God Parent Mary. The three formed what is now affectionately known as ‘The Coffee Gang’ and even now – all these years on, we see each other from time to time and catch up with what we have all been up to. It really is lovely to have true life-long friends like this, and when Tammy asked if I would be available to shoot her wedding I was, of course, very flattered.

I find that when I am shooting for good friends, I put a lot more pressure on myself. Every wedding I shoot I, of course, want to give my couples the best images possible – but when it’s a couple I know really well I can’t help but feel my hyper self criticism come to the fore front of my mind.

Thankfully, we got some great stuff. 😉

The ceremony was gorgeous. Held in the Astor Wing of Hever Castle, there were 50 people crammed into the Medieval chamber. Oak panels and a massive Christmas tree in the window – it was very picturesque.

After the ceremony, we wrapped up warm (as warm as Tam could in that dress anyway) braved the cold, and headed out into the Italian Gardens.

Getting back, we warmed up by the fire, enjoyed some wonderful speeches and a good slap up feed, followed by a group shot in front of the castle, and dancing.

All the best for the future guys – and thanks so much for booking me!

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