Following the post of beautiful William and Elliot a few weeks back, I was contacted by the lovely Lianne to see if I would be available to come over to her in Rochester and do a family shoot before the run up to Christmas.  We had a few back and forths and the date was set.

This booking was especially exciting for me, as not only would I be shooting in a new location – no doubt in the freezing cold, with Lianne, husband Tim,  three children and a dog; Lianne herself is a photographer.

So the pressure really was on.

As we were driving over from Croydon to Rochester, I was getting a little giddy at the light.  It was stunning.  We were blessed with one of those magic low winter suns – crazy bright with cobalt blue skies.  This helps create long, drawn out shadows, and is quite soft in nature.

But on the downside it makes driving nigh on impossible.

Partially blind from the journey, my assistant Nathaniel and I turned up to the house, and were welcomed by the gorgeous Bealey family.  Charlie, Mia and Louis were all dressed for the shot, and a friendly, yet slightly reluctant Tim came down the stairs.  Within twenty minutes we were all tea’d up and ready to embrace the crisp winter’s day outside.


We got some great shots.




Wandering up and down the bank of the Medway,  the other walkers enjoying the sunshine were treated to a cacophony of giggles and squeals, as Mia ran at a million miles an hour ahead of us all, and Louis gave me strict instructions about where and when to take photos of him.

It really was a very fun shoot.



After the river bank, we wandered into a small park land where I got my two favorite shots of the day.



And the best part?  Lianne (the photographer don’t forget) loved them all.

Phew 😉


Thanks for reading guys!