The Contemporary Classic Photobook

Our leather-bound, acrylic fronted photo book is a more modern take on the beautiful traditional wedding album.  Our Standard Photography Package and Standard Photography and Videography Package both include this album at no extra cost, in up to 25cm x 35cm, with up to 30 pages.  Seeing your wedding photos presented in one of our gorgeous GraphiStudio albums really does bring the magic of the day to life.


Outside – As with all our albums, both the cover and the leather binding are customisable with different colours and materials; you can opt for black or white to make your cover photo stand out, or you can carry your colour scheme through to your wedding album.   We include an acrylic front cover and leather spine and back as standard, but you can choose from a large selection of different materials and finishes such as woven, cork, eco leather, wood, nappa leather…laser embossing, foil debossing, raised varnishing…we’ve written a separate post with more information on our upgrade options, so please see that for the mind-boggling full range of different customisable options!


Inside – You can also choose the colour of your lining, so here we have a touch linen lining in pink, to match the colour theme of Neil and Cecelia’s day.  We include satin laminated metallic paper as standard in all our photo albums, simply because it is the best and we love it!


We love Graphi’s lay-flat binding, as it not only prevents creasing of the spine when the book is open, but also allows us to use the full double page spread when we are designing the album.  All you need to do is choose your favourite photographs via your gallery, add any notes (eg ‘We’d love this in black and white’), then leave it to us to bring all your favourite photographs together.  Once the design is finished we will send the proof through to you, confirm the finish you would like, and approximately 6 weeks later your album will arrive…exciting times!