I hope you all had a great weekend.

I certainly did.

In between editing a million and five videos, an amazing family cricket match, and a wonderful birthday bbq, we somehow managed to fit in a catch up with one of our old ship mates Jackie.  And she is looking incredibly well.  So well in fact, that as we were gawping over a cup of tea, and the sun flexed it’s UV muscles, I coerced her and Sian into a spontaneous photo shoot around Croydon.

It was awesome.

Burps Taster 1 web copy

Now, truth be told, Croydon is not known for it’s greenery and woodlands, but we have a plethora (yeah, I watched Three Amigos as a child) of parks to play in – and when the sun is out like this it is always a joy to see the families and dog walkers out in force, running along the sun burnt grass, playing catch and eating ice creams, a British Summer is always rather magical.

We headed down to Lloyd park to start with; a huge meadow with rolling fields, all surrounding a massive bomb crater that has the best slide you have ever seen – diving deep into the depression and holding many fond memories as a child.

We took a few snaps of Jackie before my nostalgia had everyone throwing up, and headed into town to get Jackie back to the station.

GUS_2545 copy

And I wondered if, along the way, we could jump out at an underpass I walked through a few times as a kid, to offset the luscious green backgrounds we had just been using.  Jackie and Sian were both up for it, and so we leaped out and grabbed a couple more frames before Jackie’s train…and I’m ever so glad we did.


Because Jackie just looks awesome. 🙂

Mouz ful length

Thanks for reading guys – more adventure to come soon!