Green People

So this last week has been awesome.

The lovely folk at Green People got in touch with me as I was announcing my return to the UK, and my first job since coming back has been a biggie.  We are currently shooting for the new brochures and e-marketing material for Green People

All of it.

And it has been crazy good fun – how could it not be, when you are working with such a friendly (and unfairly beautiful) team?

GP_20130624-794 copy

Green People make organic cosmetic products, that really, truly work.   From sun cream to shower gel, make up and moisturisers, they have a product for everyone, and they really are very, very good.  I was lucky enough to get a goody bag at the beginning of the week and can safely say that every single lotion and potion has been snapped up and squeezed dry by the family; I’m not sure if the house has ever smelt so good.

All Green People products are organically certified, and so the brief for the shoots has been quite specific – neutral, muted colours  with beautiful soft light to complement the natural and gentle elements of the range.  As readers of this blog will know, I am a real fan of the vibrant colours and high contrast, so these images have been a great step out of my comfort zone, and I am really very pleased with them.

GP_20130624-91 copy

GP_20130624-226 copy

GP_20130624-358 copy

We are re-shooting everything, from the kids to the teen range,  the sun creams and the men’s, it really is a huge project.

GP_20130624-517 copy

GP_20130624-749 copy

GP_20130624-556 copy

GP_20130624-733 copy

GP_20130624-817 copy

And as if that isn’t enough, we are also filming a selection of videos to help customers get a better understanding of the products and the philosophy behind Green People.

The website is never going to have looked so good 😉

GP_20130624-873 copy

GP_20130624-1103 copy


As always, thanks for reading guys, and see you all next week 🙂


Ferg x

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