Forgive me if this blog is not as fluid or (ahem) well written as usual – I’m knackered.

But for all the right reasons.

In just four months my wife and I have moved home from the Caribbean, I have setup my own company which is all going rather well (even if I do say so myself) and to top things off, we are celebrating the first week with our new son, Tobias (known as Toby) Evren Ford.

And he is all kinds of awesomeness.

I thought I knew what having a sprog would be like.  I thought I knew everything there was to handling a baby, communicating with a little one, changing nappies, making the right cooing noises and repeating everything I say 5 times in a weird high pitch voice that only seems appropriate when you are talking to someone a few moments old.  I thought I knew it all, until Sian blessed us with Toby.  And then I felt like a prize pilloc.

I knew nothing.


It is impossible to describe without sounding like the oldest, most tired cliche, but this truly is the best thing that has ever happened to us.   From the moment he wakes up and gazes into my eyes, it feels like I have a bit more purpose – a bit more worth.  The simplest gurgle or burp evokes a wave of pride and pleasure that is immeasurable or describable with my limited grasp of the English language.  He truly has knocked us for six – and this is only day seven.

So without further adieu, I shall be done with my ramblings and just leave you with some more wonderful snaps of our baby boy.

As I said to my big brother Den in a blog a few years ago now, I feel like all the years I have spent taking pictures, honing my craft, pawing over lenses and apertures and shutter speeds and lighting setups all seem a little insignificant now.  For every picture I ever made, Toby is and will ever be the best.

Sleepless nights and all.






This is one of Toby’s first smiles 🙂


Thanks for reading everyone – and a special thanks to Granny Sue and Granny Bam – you have been unfathomly supportive and helpful the last week xxx