They say never work with children or animals.

Well, whoever ‘they’ are, they’re idiots.  Or they just haven’t worked with the right children…But most likely they’re just idiots.  If I were to follow this, as we can now all agree: idiotic outlook, I would never have had the pleasure of working with young William and his little brother Elliott.  Seriously, these kids are awesome.


Elliott and William are the beautiful offspring of the equally beautiful Alex and John.  As we arrived, we were welcomed to their house with warm hugs, numerous cups of tea, and hearty banter as I snapped away at baby and let everyone relax into the shoot.  William was a little shy at first (who wouldn’t be? A strange man with a massive camera just turned up and started pointing it all up in his face) But when I suggested we go out into the garden for a bit of a play, the guard was lowered, and the smiley, confident, happy-go-lucky William came out…and we got some great shots.

After we ran around for a bit, and I thought he was suitably muddy, we traipsed back inside to calm down and dry off, and get a few shots of everyone together.  And William is just wonderful with Elliott. There was no prompting, no pointing, no direction, this genuinely how William is with his little brother, and it truly was wonderful to witness.

As the time passed, we got some lovely shots, and when I showed Alex and John on Friday they were over the moon – which is always a relief in my line of work 😉  I can honestly say that this is as good-a-family portrait as I will ever take, and it happens to be my favourite shot of the day.


Elliott was wonderfully calm throughout the shoot, and towards the end he was good enough to pose for me – staring straight down the barrel of my lens!



So to all those idiots that don’t want to work with children…thanks ever so much: it means that will hopefully get more opportunities to meet more awesome and inspiring  little people in the future 🙂

Thanks for reading all – more to come next week!