As the lads from Monty Python used to say, “Time for something completely different”.

I thought I would give the blog a little rest from all the lovely weddings that I have been shooting, and would share a few personal pictures that I took over the weekend.  A sleepy Sunday and the sun shining saw us all sat in the garden.  Whilst we were relaxing, I couldn’t help but notice how many bugs there were working away around us.  I grabbed the small camera and slapped the macro lens on, and I’m pretty happy with these pictures.

It did highlight to me (again) just how difficult macro photography is.  These are just a few snaps I shot in my garden, but, like all disciplines of photography, there are people that have dedicated their lives to the cause.  A favourite of mine is Helena Flykt – you can check out her website here if you fancy – I particularly like her ants in reflection shots…

Anyway, without further ado, I leave you with the creepy-crawlies of Croydon, and hope you all have a fabulous week!

BumbleBee Fly spider 2 Spider

Thanks for reading guys 🙂 x