Every now and then in life, you get a chance to be part of something really special.  When our great friends Mike and Jennie asked if I would shoot their wedding, I was ecstatic.  Not just because we adore them both, nor because I felt like I owed Mike after he (brilliantly) sang our first dance on my and Sian’s big day.  But because we knew that it was going to be utterly, utterly awesome.

…We were in a villa in Cyprus for a week for Christ’s sake.

And what a week it was.  Seriously.  Amazing people, family, friends, all coming together to celebrate the wedding of Mike and Jen, on a Yacht, in the Mediterranean, with an open bar.

Carlsberg don’t do weddings, but if they did…

And it was amazing.  The sky was clear, the sun was shining; the only slight over site was that bride and groom had arranged for their wedding day to coincide with Cyprus’ Bank Holiday, and so the usually sleepy little port that the Ocean Flyer rests in, was the epicenter of a public gathering of Biblical scale…it was heaving.   But this made things only the more special – as we waded through the throngs of people, racing the sun and desperate to get a few more snaps of them both, there were shouts and cheers and rounds of applause – like I say, it was simply magical.

So I leave you with a selection of the shots from the big day.  I have so, so much more to share with you all from the month of June so keep your eyes peeled!  In the mean time, please take a moment with me to wish all the best to the happy couple 🙂