Hi guys, sorry, yet again, we are completely and utterly rammed.

I have so many photos and stories to share with you all from our trip back home in the UK.  We had the best time.  Andy and Emily’s wedding was wonderful, our wedding anniversary was amazing along with trip to Alton Towers, and a trip up to Carlisle to see two of our best friends..it was all good.

But work has got a hold of me, and I want to do everything justice.

So in the mean time, please enjoy this picture of an old diesel locomotive I snapped as we waited for our train in Carlisle…not everyone’s cup of tea, I know, but having inherited my dad’s train spotter dna, I am rather fond of it.

Looking forward to sharing my stories with you all soon,



Hi Guys – sorry about the lack of posting – I have a TONNE of photos I am looking forward to sharing with you; but things have been very hectic with getting ready for our return to the UK…wedding shows are always fun to prepare for when you work with the biggest photography supplier in the Caribbean.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-02sUeb279M]

So I thought I would just share this with you 🙂  It is the video we did of Dwayne’s dancing last week, and is now on the Colorbox Studio Facebook page – please, please check it out! 🙂    (Res up on this one – it looks AMAAAAAZING!)

We are flying back to the UK in about two hours – so will be uploading a new post within the next few days…we are also getting some AMAZING new lenses, which will no doubt have a profound effect on this blog, my photography and my life in general…cannot WAIT!!


Ferg x