A few months back, I was lucky enough to be involved with a huge competition.  The good folk over at Greenpeople, whom I have worked with for nearly a year now, have been in the process of completely overhauling their website.  One of the awesome ideas they had, was to invite their own customers to become the new faces of the company in order to promote the real, organic beauty products that they sell.

The response was overwhelming, and I was asked to come in and shoot for the day, with a total of 9 models.  It was an awesome day 🙂


One of the cool things that I love about corporate work like this, is the variety of shots you need.  They aren’t after portraiture alone, but also a lot more conceptual images.  These are required for blogs, product packaging, articles and the like – so I always tend to shoot a few more ‘abstract’ images than my usual portraits and wedding fair…which is just awesome.


You’ll no doubt notice that the colours are not my usual vibrant selves – this is the edit the guys at GP wanted, and so I wanted to share them with you as they will with the rest of the world.

In all I am really pleased with the images that we got, I think all the competition winners enjoyed the day, and ultimately I think that the new imagery compliments Green People’s new website amazingly well.  Head on over to www.greenpeople.co.uk to see for yourself – I cannot recommend their stuff highly enough, and the whole team over there are really, really nice 🙂

Wedding Season officially begins now…so see you all soon with a few weddings from Scotland!