One of the things I love about my job – as you will see from the blog, is the diversity of the work.  I genuinely never know what my next project will bring and when I get new requests it is always very exciting…if not a little unnerving.

See, I am pretty good at working with people – it’s what the majority of my work involves.  I know how to light a bride for the most flattering photo; how to pose a model to get the feel that the brand managers are after…but when my sister called me and asked me to film/photograph her massive knitting project, I got a little tight in the stomache.

What the heck do I know about knitting?  And how on earth do you light wool?!

So I met up with my sister, (Zincy to me – Felix to the rest of the world….don’t ask) and she talked me through what she is doing…and it really is quite flabbergasting.  She has developed a simple to follow technique of turning everyday objects into knitting patterns.  Seriously.   I don’t know too much about knitting, but what I do know is that it requires a tonne of patience, and that you always, always work from a knitting chart.   And here she is, telling people how she goes about designing, making and realising her own charts from the everyday things that are around her.  Pretty cool huh?

So what is my role in this whole thing?  Well firstly, she wanted me to help her put together a video for Kickstarter.  Turns out publishing a book these days costs a fair few quid, and being that she is (an amazing) Sonic Artist she doesn’t have £10k lying in the bank for the rainy day fund.

It was awesome fun and the first time that I have worked with Felix in a professional capacity.   From the get go we were both singing from the same page about how she wanted the video to look and feel, and by the end of the morning, we had pretty much got all the shots and rushes that I thought we needed to put the video together.  With some stitching of her own photographs, a few that I took, and the script that she had written, I was fairly chuffed with the first cut that we had got together 24 hours later.  It was a breath of fresh air to just work on something for a few days – iron out all the niggles quickly, and finish a project in such a short time.

Now all we need is for the project to get funded!

You can see the final video here – and if you so wish, could always pledge a couple of quid to get this awesome project off the ground!

I have included a few stills off the video for you to see below – but like I say, to see the video in its full glory, you MUST head to Kickstarter and search for Knitsonik!

Kickstarter copy.Still002 copy


Kickstarter.Still001 copy

Kickstarter.Still003 copy

GUS_3538.MOV copy.Still001 copy

Thanks for reading as usual guys – loads and loads more stuff to share with you, and a tonne of weddings coming up too!!


Ferg x