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You may have noticed that I have been a little quiet lately.  This is mainly due to the normal reasons – work crazy, loads of shoots, team members on holiday etc.  However, this time there is a new reason/excuse for my tardiness.

An excellent reason in fact.

After nearly six years of living in ships and hotels, from the sublime to the down right ridiculous, we finally thought ‘enough is enough’, and we bit the bullet and got a small cottage way out in the sticks where no one can find us.

It is beautiful.

For the first time in six years, Sian and I have a little piece that is ours.  We don’t have to share anything, we don’t have to abide by rules imposed by the powers that be…we can just ‘live’.

I know this sounds ridiculous and I feel almost callous as I write this.  We have been so, so lucky to have the opportunities and lifestyle that we have had for so long.  We wouldn’t change a thing.  And we aren’t really – we will be staying at the hotel at least four times a week, because that is what our job demands and there is no way that we could keep things going if we were based out here.

Seriously, we’re in the sticks.

But for those long weekends, for that time when we just want to lock the door and get away from sun burnt tourists, the taxi vendors desperate for some business, and the questions and questions and questions you get every time some one hears you live here. “What, in the Hotel?…How lucky you are!”

Yes, yes, yes…

Like I say, I don’t mean to sound ungrateful – and I am not.  We have a fabulous room in our hotel, the staff look after us, and as I mentioned, our operation would not run If Sian and I were not there 24/7.

I’m just hoping it will if we’re there 24/5.

Because with a view like this to come home for, the weekend just cannot come quick enough.

Thanks for reading guys – here’s to a new, super chilled out Ferg in the future 🙂


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    • Fergus Ford
      Fergus Ford says:

      Thanks so much Anne – you were very quick on the uptake of this indeed 😉 A gold star for you and Lesly for your prompt readership.

      Thanks for taking the time, hope you guys are happy being back home and are enjoying showing your photos to EVERYONE you see?! 😉 xxx Sian sends her love and is going to mail you when she is back in the office tomorrow xxx

      • Anne Waskul
        Anne Waskul says:

        Awesome Ferg!! Gold star indeed – we happily subscribed to read all about your awesome adventures. We are really, truly happy for you and my father, who, so you know, is probably my harshest critic had this to say via email after he saw all the pictures:

        “Hi Anne,

        I just looked at the last of the wedding photos and all I can see is whatever you paid the wedding photographer, it was not enough.  The pictures are absolutely fabulous!  You and Lesly must be so happy!


        And that about sums it up right there!!!

        Please send Siân our love as well!!


        • Fergus Ford
          Fergus Ford says:

          Thanks Anne – that is quite possibly the nicest thing I have had said about my work. This makes Ferg a very happy panda 🙂

          Hopefully we will be able to welcome you guys home in March? Really hope so 🙂 xxx

  1. Dadmick
    Dadmick says:

    Hauntingly beautiful!

    But should it not be ‘taxi service vendors’?

    Seriously though, thrilled for the two of you. A little of your just deserts.


    • Fergus Ford
      Fergus Ford says:

      Hey Zincy, no, didn’t buy unfortunately…we would have to have waited at least 9 months for that to happen…we are renting this slice of heaven for now. But have recently discovered it is home to the BIGGEST spiders I have ever seen!! 🙁

      Hope you’re well – thanks for reading, and for the comment 🙂 xxx

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