So as most of you know, when I am asked to shoot both photo and video for a couple’s big day, the only person I truly trust to shoot the video is my beautiful wife Sian.  Working as a husband and wife team is always great – I (she) can boss me about as much as she likes, and both of us instinctively know what the other needs to be, or wants to be doing.

It’s always great fun.

But when I got an email from Kerry and saw that we already had a job on the board, Sian leapt in and called shotgun on it.  I would have loved to have shot this wedding, but Sian really did have first dibs.  Having known Kerry for years, it only seemed appropriate that Sian shoot her and Sonny’ AMAZING day – seeing that she knew the couple a whole lot better than I did.  And boy did she do a good job.

Sian also got to work with the amazing Pebble Heaven, a local photographer who, Sian assures me, is as stunning a person as her work – I very much hope to work with her myself in the future 😉

So without further adieu, I leave you with Sonny and Kerry’s incredible day, and let you gawp in awe at those flowers.  A florist by trade, Sonny was never going to disappoint on that front, and Kerry was the radiant bride we all knew she would be.

Thanks so much for booking us guys, and all the very best for the future!