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I know it’s been two and a half weeks since a post.  I don’t know if any of you out there mind/care/or anything else about this, but I have been missing the blog ever-so much.

Truth is we have had a few massive life changing events this end over the past weeks, and the blog, as much as I have missed it, has all seemed rather irrelevant.

But I am happy to be back, and more happy to share with you one of my life’s new discoveries…well, two actually.

Turns out, despite my previous thoughts, that I am actually a huge cat person.  We recently saved a stray from a restaurant down on the South Coast, and I have fallen head over heels in love with her.

I have also discovered in the past few days, that our house is absolutely filthy.  It is only when you are rolling around on the floor with your eight week kitten that you discover just how disgusting the floor is, and then when you illuminate her with two speedlights  and shoot at F8 you see the problem is only exacerbated.

Splodge  Splodge-3

As I mentioned, we found our little bundle of joy at a restaurant the other day.  I am crazy lucky to have my folks over visiting (post to come!) and we took them to one of our haunts, ‘Paulo’s’ for a Caprinha.  Within our first few drinks this little girl had wandered amongst us, purred against my leg, and generally looked longingly at me.  I say me…but it genuinely was.  It was as if she knew she already had Sian’s heart (which she had) and all she needed to do was convince the red-nosed buffoon opposite her in order to get a free dinner.

It worked.

I reached down to give her a little stroke, and she did something I have never seen a cat do before.  She went up on her hind legs, closed her eyes, and fell with all her weight into my palm. My heart melted.


And so now we are lumbered with this beautiful girl.  A trip to the vets and all was well, some shots and a de-flea, and now, as I write this, our kitten of three days is sat on my lap, proof reading my work, and looking intently at the ‘tap tap’ of the keyboard.

I can honestly say my life has changed over night.

She is utterly, utterly gorgeous.


And at the moment, I am quite matter of fact about the whole affair. ‘We leave in June – we will need to find a home for her before then’.


Yeah, right.  I think I will just be spending yet a few more hours at immigration sorting a kitty passport out.

Thanks for reading guys, and Merry Christmas 🙂


There is sooooooo much that has happened over the last few weeks, I don’t know where to begin!  We have finally (nearly) moved offices  which has been a little stressful to say the least, but the new Colorbox HQ is setup down on the South Coast and all (will be) well with the world within a few weeks.   On top of all that, we have been taking pictures of famous footballers, taking photos of famous socialites,  flown home to shoot a wedding, met two AMAZING babies that I have a billion piccies to share with you, experienced a little bit of Blighty during the Jubilee holiday (again – PICTURES TO COME), bought ourselves an immense new camera and the fourth and final lens to complete our incredible arsenal

Like I said – pretty busy.

I will go back and fill in all those gaps over the coming days and weeks, but for now, in the present, we are back in Barbados and well.  Our good friend Nicky and her boyfriend Angus have flown back for a bit of good old British Summer and so we stoically said we would look after her house and three cats.  Which is probably the most stupid thing in the world to do ever, because I am crazy allergic.


What was I thinking?

But despite the sneezing and the itchy eyes and everything else the wretched Feline does to me…they do make me chuckle.   Sian is amazing with them – there are two boys and a girl, so they fight and hiss quite regularly.  Sian won’t tolerate any bad behaviour and they seem to listen to her as she barks orders at them.  We have not been able to spend as much time at Nicky’s as we had hoped (yet) what with the move and the allergicing and everything else, but when we do pop in to see them it really is nice.  Sian was out on the veranda and saw ‘Mink’ (the mum), and called her in.  Mink did a double take at the site of someone being home.  She pelted across the garden to come and find Nicky.  She raced up the stairs and straight into the living room…only to be disappointed to find that her mum was still nowhere to be found, and had apparently been replaced by a rather heavy set man – leaking from every orifice on his face.  A defiant meow was all she gave me before turning her back and walking to Sian for a quick stroke.

But, the most comedy thing about these cats?…They don’t drink from the water bowl…oh no.  They will only drink running, fresh water from the tap. Don’t believe me? Here’s a snap from our spangly new camera.

Unhygenic? Probably.  Spoilt cats? Definitely.  Comedy gold? 100% absolutely yes.

Thanks for reading guys, and looking forward to catching up soon 🙂