Another crazy week has gone by, and I have a load to share with you all.  But before I do, I MUST tell you all about the very exciting project that is coming up.

This Thursday, my first ever film as Director of Photography ‘The Estranged’ is premiering, and I am super excited.  It was a collaboration between three film houses – Forgemasters Films, Superplex Productions and Dogged Films.  The result is a very funny, very slick twenty minute short, which is a send up of all the family 90s movies of the time.  Think Beethoven, Honey I shrunk the Kids – you get the idea.  Big characters with a fantastic orchestral score underpin a heartfelt story of one brother trying to reconnect with another.

It’s comedy – believe me.

It was a real slog to get so much done in the very strict time frame we had (just 5 days filming) and it has been very odd to only do the cinematography and not the edit. I usually have full control of how my work ends up, but I am more than confident that the film will look great and pull together as a strong piece of work.

I know most readers of this are from far afield, but if you fancy a good fun night out with some beers and a comedy gem this Thursday (28th Nov), you can book your tickets through the website:

Hope you can all make it…it’s gonna be a blast 😉