A very happy birthday :)

When I started this blog all of 4 days ago, I had visions of sharing my work with the world and pointing out why I had done this, and what choice I made to do the other, but it is coming apparant to me that it is much more of a platform to journal my thoughts as well as the technical aspects of my photography. So please, if you’re not interested in this, come back tomorrow – I have a truck load of photos and ideas that I intend to share with you all over the weekend, but for now, I want to focus on this little guy:

As you may have seen from my last post, Ryan is my nephew, and he is totally, totally awesome.

My cousin Den moved into my house the day that Sian and I first got together. He is one of my best friends and as dear and close to me as my two wonderful brothers Teggy and Ed.  Den met Sian’s big Sister, Sarah 9 years ago at out 18th birthday party. Their eyes met, the world slowed down, and Chris de Burg’s “Lady In Red” played throughout….well at least in Den’s head it did anyway – it’s the only song that he knows.

And that was that.

6 Months (?) later they were engaged and all was well with the world. We got to spend a lot more time with Sarah who made the treacherous journey from the exotic concrete wilderness that is Milton Keynes almost every weekend. They soon got married and moved into a house together in ‘The French Apartments’, Purley. And here they started their family.

During our trips back daaaaannn saaath from our respective unis, Sarah and Den made a room up for us to stay in. They would welcome us, along with luggage from abandoned student dens, student-amounts of laundry, student amount of debt and the abundance of worries and concerns that weigh the shoulders of all that studentness – with wide arms and big hearts. Our parents were always happy to have us when we came back, but we called Sarah and Den’s home. And I loved them for that. And then they gave the world Ryan.

And I loved them all even more.

Today he is FIVE and he is MASSIVE!

We were lucky enough to have Mumrah and Denrah and the Monkey Man come and visit us out in Barbados not too long ago, and we had a quality time.  Den too is a budding photographer and is getting pretty handy with his Nikon.  We regularly have chats about our primes, aperture, shutter speed and filters,  but where as I strive to capture an awesome candid shot, or better the portfolio with more dramatic sunsets and seascapes,   the truth has to be told Den:  you’ve already made your best work.

You made this guy.

And he’s freaking awesome.

Happy Birthday Ryan xx

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  1. Mumrah
    Mumrah says:

    Wow! What kind words 😀
    You know I cry at anything but this has made me blub!

    There are many selfless things that you guys have done for us too. Ryan is the boy he is because he has so many amazing people around him.

    Thank you for such a special birthday blog for Bananaman.
    Love you both squillions xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Deej
    Deej says:

    Ferg, you are a freekin hero.
    Monkey man is indeed absolutely amazing. Obviously my awesome genes played a huge part in this, but Autnie Serg and Uncle Sianie have been a massive part of his life. You gave him so much, and helped Mumra and I when we needed you most.
    Love you guys, and miss you!!!!!!

  3. Felicity Ford
    Felicity Ford says:

    I love this post. Big heart love to all the family and to the Mumra/Deej and Sianiewoo/Berg alliance; we should call it MUMDIEWOOBERG.

    And of course big love to RYAN who is indeed the cutest bananaman in the world! Lovely photos, and lovely wonderful LOVE. x

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