Digging out the old…

Quick post – I am trawling through the harddrive and trying to work out which photos I should share with all you good people, or at least the eight that will come and read this.

I am also trying to find some snaps that I have not already shared on Facebook or Flickr, because I am under no illusions that the people who are reading this are my friends and family, and will have seen the pictures all before anyway…

So, here, for the first time ever, are some piccies from my and Sian’s affectionatley named ‘mini moon’. The day after our wedding, waaaay back in October, our good friend Ozzy who is the deputy GM at the amazing Ardoe House and spa up in Aberdeen very kindly sorted us out with a three night stay in what can only be described as a palace.

The place was awesome, the food amazing, and Ozzy was, as always, the host of champions.  It’s tricky when you take pictures of your holidays when you’re a photographer, as there is a lot of pressure (at least I put it upon myself) to take amazing photos everywhere we go…thankfully, with a wife like Sian, the job is made a little easier from the get go, and the Aberdeenshire backdrop helped out a lot too…

Hope you like them 🙂

Ardoe House.   And Oz was worried we wouldn’t like the place!

We had a jaunt out to Dunnotar Castle too…which was pretty epic.

Some pretty pictures for you to mull over anyways – thanks for looking guys 🙂



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    • Fergus Ford
      Fergus Ford says:

      Thank you very much Michael…I’m amazed anyone else is reading this! 😉 Very much enjoyed your anecdotes as a repo man, guess you’re not missing that too much? Keep writing – and pleeease keep reading, many more pictures to come…

  1. Felicity Ford
    Felicity Ford says:

    Dunnotaur Castle looks amazing. I particularly like the way you have captured the qualities of old stone buildings in Aberdeenshire, and the steely light. That picture with nice blurry foreground and Sian looking onto the castle is particularly lovely.

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