When the sun sets.

Hey all – sorry about the complete lack of posting lately – the days seem to get shorter and shorter at the moment, and the jobs are starting to come in thick and fast.  Not something to grumble about, but these next few months are looking mental and I fear the blog is going to suffer.

So, whinging aside – here is my current nemesis – the setting sun that signals the end of the day way before I have even got close to finishing my work.  It is beautiful, but I wish it would just stay up in that sky a little longer!


Thanks for reading guys, more stories to come soon 🙂

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  1. Dadmick
    Dadmick says:

    Superb Ferg, ‘right up my street’.

    Is it possible to have a copy when you return, please?

    It would look beautiful well framed (in a physical rather than photographic sense, you understand).

    Love to you both.


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