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Hi guys,

So sorry for the lack of posting lately…there is a lot going on right now!  Work is mental (as always!) and Sian and I finally have a date for coming back to the UK: officially the 6th of June.

I cannot tell you how excited we are…

So, with that in mind, please bare with me as I pack up our house, handover my job, and generally get on top of all the massive changes that are going to be happening over the next few weeks.  The blog is also due a re-vamp. I have taken the plunge and decided to go self-hosted, so expect some very BIG changes within the next few weeks.  I am hoping to create a youtube channel soon too – where I can pretty much show you how I am creating each and every photo you see on here…not sure if that is something any of you are interested in or care about…but comments below and let me know 🙂

In the mean time, thanks for your patience.  It is the beginning of hurricane season here now, and my little bro is here – so I HAVE to enjoy the sunshine with him and his lovely girlfriend Michelle this weekend while it is here.

Despite the terrible weather, it is apparently still good fishing – here is personal shot of the week, and touch base soon. x


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  1. Mike H
    Mike H says:

    I care! Sign me up, get me a podcast or what ever they’re called!! Great stuff as always. Enjoy your last few weeks in paradise and have a safe trip back to blighty!

    • thisisferg
      thisisferg says:

      Haha, thanks Mike – many apologies for the delay in this – SOOO many weddings in May it is ridiculous…this next week we have 25 in ten days! You can sign up to the blog, just hover ove ‘blog’ and a subscribe button will appear. Will be back soon, so hopefully can meet up and hopefully you will want to book up a few lessons 😉 See you soon matey x

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